Watch: Hugh Jackman sings “Wolverine: Les Musicales

Hahaha yessss. I love him! Good job, Hugh.

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When You Get Older


When you get older, you notice your sheets are dirty. Sometimes, you do something about it. And sometimes, you read the front page of the newspaper and sometimes you floss and sometimes you stop biting your nails and sometimes you meet a friend for lunch. You still crave lemonade, but the taste…

I love me some Frenemy. This one in particular struck a chord. 

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Step 320: You don’t have to feel anxious about all these steps


Today, play a game with yourself. Just do the one thing you are doing at that moment carefully and correctly. Don’t spend time thinking about what you did wrong yesterday, or how much you have to do today, or any of it.

If you focus on that one small thing you are doing — “Right now, I am putting this toast rind in the garbage. Now, I am washing this one dish and drying it,” — you’ll do it right, then move on. 

Important reminders from Adulting. 

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